Because coaching works!

Because you’re fed up of the self doubts!

If you’re here reading this, you want something in your life to change. 

You know life should be more, that you could do and be more. 

You’ve had enough of:

You could accept the struggle as a normal and unavoidable part of life.  But part of you that knows it shouldn’t be that hard. 

You know there are things you want in your life (or don’t want anymore), and that if you had them, you’d be a lot happier and fulfilled.

You have choices

Do nothing

Keep stuck in the same cycle with the same results.  You can try to ignore the thoughts, but they’ll keep coming back and keep you stuck in the same cycle.

‘Try’ to change

Push yourself to do better, apply willpower, do what you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to do. But it feels like hard work and you keeping slipping back to old ways.

Get outside help

Accept that trying to change the thinking that has created where you are today, with the same brain that created it, is a big ask.

The best heart surgeon in the world wouldn’t operate on themselves.

I have a range of experience and tools to work with you as a unique individual.  I help you permanently change your beliefs, thinking and habits.  With my brain I can help you understand your brain.  I help you get new perspectives to CHANGE how you think.  When you change how you think and what you believe, everything changes.

What would you change with the right help?

What do you want more of?

What do you want less of?

Whatever you want to change, its possible.

The 3 things you need for change to happen

PAIN – you have a problem or situation which you are no longer happy to accept
GAIN – you want it to be better, even if you’re not sure exactly how
WILL – you’re willing to do the work and look within, accepting that for your life to change YOU may need to change.

The 2 axis that make for a happy life

The secret to a happy life

Happiness in the now
Vision for the future

I explain why both are important, what happens if you have an absence of one or the other, and how coaching addresses both!