Life can be hard, but often we get in our own way.

How you live your life is a direct result of your experiences, habits, emotions and patterns.

I help you shift them.

How do you feel about your life right now?

You might be:

  • Not feeling good enough in life, doubting yourself – you want more confidence
  • Affected by past events and relationships
  • Stuck in a cycle of procrastination, perfectionism, or people-pleasing

It’s a challenge to put into words how different life is, since I started working with Fiona! I have lost weight, improved my fitness, I am changing my career and have more confidence and energy than I have felt in years! Fiona is insightful, patient and just amazing at what she does. I have felt completely at ease and each session has been both transformational and fun! I would recommend Fiona to anyone who is looking to make a real change!”

I will work with you to:

  • Balance your emotions: if you’ve had a tendency to react in anger, feel low, feel fearful or carry guilt, I take you through an ‘emotional spring clean’
  • Resolve any past experience and relationships which are playing a negative role in your life. You will find relationships get easier.
  • Clear any unhelpful beliefs you have about yourself or the world.
  • Resolve internal conflict; where part of you wants one thing and another part doesn’t. So you can feel calm and make decisions easily.
  • Explore who you really are. Your skills, personality, desires and ambition, so you can feel proud and secure in yourself.

Fiona really listened. She helped me get a different perspective on events from my past. This helped me understand some of the emotions I’ve been experiencing and not hold myself responsible for other people’s actions. I started to understand how my victim mentality was stopping me from achieving my goals, like moving jobs. Now I’m working for a major organisation. I feel confident and finally starting to believe in myself. I’ve come a long way in 6 sessions.

I started my coaching with Fiona at a time when I lacked strength and sense of direction with regards to career progression. I was stuck and my self esteem had decreased significantly. Fiona used a variety of tools to help me see things differently. Thanks to her amazing coaching skills I found the strength to hit that "reset" button and ended up switching careers from an unfulfilling corporate job to a purpose-driven start-up. I'm so thankful and would recommend Fiona to anybody considering change!!

What to expect:

Clear direction: You set the direction. I help you refine exactly what you want, then use my expertise to help you get there.

Deep questions: I ask deep questions to uncover your deeper thinking, stimulating the creative part of your brain.

Visualisation: Imagination is a powerful tool. We can use this to get new perspectives and create new patterns of thought.

Quick progress: You will experience change after every session in how you think, what you notice and how you act. With significant change over six sessions.

Energy and fun: Not everything we work on will be fun. But a little humour and playfulness can go a long way to diffuse any negative emotions.

Fiona helped me get to the root of my procrastination, I now spend a couple hours every day working on the project I had been putting off, without having to force myself to do it: I do it effortlessly and I enjoy the work. I’ve replaced old destructive patterns with new productive ones.

I really enjoyed working with Fiona. She made me feel comfortable and I knew I could be open. At first, I wasn’t sure anybody would be able to help me feel better. I wasn’t convinced I would be able to change. BUT SHE DID! I still have occasional unhelpful thoughts & feelings but now they mean much less to me. I acknowledge them and let them go. They don’t have the same power over me anymore.

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