Imagine having someone 100% on your side.

Listening, challenging and supporting you from outside of your organisation.

Developing as a manager and leader can be a bit scary. No-one tells you how to do this, and to ask for support sometimes feels too risky.

  • You’re doing your best but deep down worry you might not be the manager you want to be
  • You feel like an imposter, the nagging feeling that you might not be good enough is holding you back
  • You’re told you need to be more visible, but your confidence goes out the window with senior groups
  • Your manager wants you show strategic thinking, but you tend to stick to the work which you know so well

Does this sound familiar?

Imposter Syndrome

Can show up as perfectionism, guilt, shame, over working, procrastination, discounting yourself, low confidence, dismissing achievements, failure to take action or be visible, anxiety and dread.

I’d have previously called the challenges I was experiencing ‘imposter syndrome’ but what I realised during our coaching sessions was that it was more a lack of confidence rather than imposter syndrome. Having become a manager pretty much overnight and with no training or pointers, I felt out of my depth.

Help is at hand…

I can work with you to:

  • Understand how you can manage and still be authentically you
  • Share tools and techniques to motivate and lead even tricky team members and stakeholders
  • Challenge your inner imposter. Giving you the tools to develop an accurate judge and jury of your own performance, increasing your confidence
  • Establish your leadership brand and voice with clarity and presence
  • Let go of the detail and shift your thinking up a gear so you can drive strategic direction and results
  • Understand your strengths, values and get clarity on your direction

The sessions gave me a lot of confidence and self-belief moving to a more senior role. I struggled with being less hands on. I now understand that this is all part of the transition from a ‘doer’ to a ‘thinker’. I’m finding it easier to step away and offer support or guidance rather than feeling that I have to get my hands ‘dirty’. This supports my longer-term ambitions with increased strategic thinking skills.

You really pushed me to consider looking at myself from the outside, as a friend, as a colleague and what evidence there was in the way that I thought others saw me. That was a real eye opener and I hadn’t ever considered it in that way before. Our sessions were a blend of challenge and support which I liked. I felt safe in our discussions.

Perhaps you’ve just been promoted and are feeling out of your depth.  Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the workplace and are struggling to move beyond them.  Or you could be at a crossroads, ready for something new but you’re not sure what and where to start.

Together we will explore the fears, feelings and patterns that are in your way.  Sometimes we will dig into uncomfortable territory, safe in the knowledge I am absolutely on your side.  As an external coach, we can be light-hearted and apply a good dose of humour as we untangle what’s happened, what you want and what needs to change.

Through the coaching sessions I really started to understand myself better. This is what I needed to really get to the root cause of some of my thinking. I found you to be a great listener – a skill you have helped coach me on too. I felt heard, understood and importantly free to explore my thoughts with you. You made me feel supported and encouraged my ambition for my future career. The sessions have helped my growth as a leader and as an individual. My line manager has commented on the difference she has seen in my confidence and agility.

Together we will explore your ambitions and motivations.  You’ll be able to see your direction clearly.  We will banish imposter syndrome so you can move forward in your career with confidence.

To explore how I can help you become a confident leader