Coaching is a partnership.

You need the right partner for you.

You can change

I get you… you’re in safe hands.

Choosing a coach is a very personal experience.  I know that my style isn’t for everyone.  When it is a good fit, I can help you achieve easy and lasting changes.

I create a safe and trusting relationship from the start, because coaching works best when you can be open and share your deeper thoughts.  Every client is different so it’s important we spend time understanding exactly what’s important to you.

Coaching should also be an enjoyable experience!  That’s why I like to throw in a bit of humour and metaphor.  Sometimes I may challenge you or ask you to focus on aspects that feel uncomfortable; this feels a lot easier when we can be playful.  Expect genuinely warm and intelligent support.

As an external coach, I am outside of your organisation but able to understand it.  I work 100% for the human being in front of me, over any corporate agenda.

Finally, your goals are YOUR goals.  I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to do it.  The direction is yours.  I use my experience and knowledge of coaching and psychological models to help you get there.  We are always forward focussed on results.

You want to work with a qualified professional

Anyone can call themselves a coach!  That’s why I take my continuous development and accreditation seriously.  You will be working with a skilled professional who:

  • Has over 2200 hours of coaching experience
  • Holds Professional Accreditation (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation
  • Adheres to ICF Professional Standards, Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Engages in regular Supervision to keep myself and my clients safe
  • Combines a background in Business and Psychology
  • Has access to a wide base of modalities including: Trauma Informed Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mental Health First Aid
  • Employs business skills including: facilitation, Action Learning, Agile rituals, project delivery skills and System Thinking

Someone who can relate…

People are shocked to learn that I was severely bullied at school.  I was hopeless at sport and didn’t really understand how to fit in.  I left my childhood thinking I would never be as successful or as popular as other girls. 

I worked out the social rules of life myself, the hard way, in my 20’s.  I started to make friends but there were plenty of disasters too.  Around this time, I also ventured into team management.  This was as much a disaster for my team as it was for me.  I didn’t have the skills or confidence and very little guidance.  I was still working out how to lead myself, let alone others.

At 31, I lost my Dad and saw a counsellor.  Underwhelmed by this experience I stumbled across an NLP coach.  It sounds cheesy, but coaching changed my life.  Not only helping me to really grasp that I was loveable and valuable just for being myself, but setting me on a lifelong exploration of self-development. 

I made peace with my past and started to discover who I was and what I wanted in my life.  I then started to build the self-confidence and skills to get there.

In the following years I became a triathlete, moved to Bristol and switched my career into Project Management.  I made peace with my body and started to build strong friends and healthy relationships.

After 25 years working in financial services in various roles, I realised that my passion and skill might lay in helping others.  I made the transition from self-development for myself, to training as a coach to help others.

Fiona Powley Change Coach became my full time business in 2019. I love to help others find their grounded confidence and take action to create the life they really want.  My passion is to be the skilled helper I wish I’d had earlier in life.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing many things I never thought I’d do, from climbing mountains to completing a marathon and an Ironman.

My passion for psychology has inspired me to undertake a Psychology BSc, with a focus on Applied Psychology and the Psychology of Work, Business and Organisations.  I am learning so much and enjoying exploring my next steps for when I graduate in 2024.

Outside of my business, I volunteer with Changes Bristol; a charity supporting people with mental health challenges.  I also lead a 600 strong social community of women who have chosen to be Childfree.

Think we can work together?