When I first sought help I was in a very dark place. I barely had any confidence and was shattered from traumatic events that happened to me which left me suffering from PTSD. With Fiona’s help I managed to switch my mindset to a better place than it had ever been before. I used to carry around a very negative and heavy victim mindset and drama seemed to follow me wherever I went which left me wondering why me? I now have a deeper understanding of myself and have a clearer view on how I could have avoided negative situations yet walked right into them without realising it.

Fiona helped me learn to set boundaries with people and really think about the people in my life who are good for me and those who are not.

My confidence grew and I started to see the beauty of life in a way I had never seen it before. After recovering from my negative mindset and  PTSD, since I enjoyed the hypnotherapy so much I decided to have sessions to give me confidence in making a career change. At one time public speaking was something I believed I’d never consider out of fear and lack of confidence but with Fiona’s help I have overcome that fear and I’m excited to start a new chapter of my life.

Thanks Fiona!