“I approached Fiona for coaching sessions for a couple of areas I wanted to develop in work and this soon highlighted underlying issues with self-confidence and self-worth.
I have tried counselling in the past which, although helped me with particular life events, didn’t change the protective behaviours and ways of thinking they had left me with.  I have also read up on CBT and tried to apply it, but found my anxiety would kick in before I had a chance to apply the CBT methods.
Fiona helped me using NLP.  She was supportive, confident and reassuring.  There were none of the awkward silences I feared as she helped lead me through the process.  This helped me change the subconscious thoughts that were holding me back.
I didn’t have to recount all the life events in full detail which is time consuming and upsetting.  Fiona helped me to get straight to the events that really mattered and changed my perspective of them.
Now I feel more confident of my abilities and less anxious generally, which has been noticed by my family and my manager at work.  I have stopped questioning my decisions and have the confidence to know I will do the right thing.  The nightmares I have always suffered are less frequent and I am a little bit nicer to myself!
Thank you Fiona.  I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a different way forward.”

“Not too long after I’d picked up a lot more to do and oversee in my job, I was lucky enough to have some regular sessions with Fiona. We looked at things in ways I hadn’t seen before, found things I hadn’t realised were there, and worked through my relationship with what I do and the people around me. Easy rapport, powerful but subtle methods, felt like a well considered approach. Through the work we did I’ve got some great embedded techniques and knowledge and it’s helped me in becoming a happier, stronger, more resilient person. 10/10 will work with again.”


“Fiona provided some brilliant coaching and has really helped me develop my career. I chose to start having our 1-1 sessions as I was performing at the top of my work band and looking for promotion. Particular skills I was looking to build up included delivering through a larger team and spending more time communicating with senior stakeholders.
Talking with Fiona gave a new perspective to what I had learnt from those working directly around me. At first it felt challenging to change habits and beliefs that I had acquired over years of working in similar teams. However, she has helped me consider new and better ways of doing my day-to-day work. For example, how I ran team meetings or how to personally avoid getting stuck into much detail.
The outcomes have been great and I have definitely noticed a better quality output as a team and higher engagement. On a personal note, I have found the time to focus on my own development areas, which was capped off with a recent promotion. I’d certainly recommend that everyone gives coaching a try and would be more than happy to work with Fiona again in the future.“


I was interested to see if you could help with I fear that I have. It was a self limiting belief that has been with me since childhood. Constantly worrying about what other people thought of me which has held me back and preventing me from putting myself forward.  
 It was a battle going on in my head around this. Consciously I would try and be rational about it but it didn’t seem to quieten the negative voice. Even if I felt I had made progress I would eventually fall back to where I was originally.
I found the whole experience very comfortable. I felt relaxed during the work and certainly impressed that such a difference could be achieved in one session.  
I feel like something has shifted in my head and it is almost like a block has been removed. I still feel the fear, but I am aware that recently it hasn’t stopped me in certain situations, whereby in the past it would have done. I would have avoided those situations rather than deal with them. I feel more able to speak up and for my opinion to matter.  
I am currently receiving treatment from a chiropractor. At my next appointment following the session with you, a particularly stubborn part of my back moved more than it had done in any previous session. 
I think a mental block has been moved and I feel that my fear will continue to diminish as times goes on. I feel more comfortable putting myself out there and being seen. I don’t want to let that fear hold me back any more.”


“Informative and transformational. Fiona has a talent for finding the kinks and ironing them out. Often having an instant impact on the underlying causes of the unhealthy passive automation we can lock ourselves into.
Highly recommended.”


“I started going to Fiona for coaching because I seemed to have trouble with competency based questions in my interviews. I ended up with so much more valuable advice not only for work but also for my personal life.
I hadn’t had much success in previous interviews so my confidence was at an all time low.
Fiona taught me how to effectively deal with stressors in my life and sent me home with tasks that have not only helped me with my confidence but have also made me realise that I am worthy of achieving success. I now also surround myself with people who believe in me.
I still implement the techniques and tasks today which enabled me to get a job far better than I thought I could get which I thoroughly enjoy!
She has such a warm and logical approach to coaching, it was challenging but extremely insightful and I genuinely have Fiona to thank for my success. 
Remember you are deserving!“

“I decided to try NLP after realising that I wasn’t coping with stress, anxiety, and depression. At the same time, I was also receiving a course of CBT. The CBT was such a disappointment, the approach seemed to be trying to get me to fit the CBT ‘mould’, and given my issues at the time I felt very ‘boxed in’ which was not helping me in the slightest. A dear friend recommended NLP and with trepidation I met with Fiona.
My first session started without me realising it had, such was the friendly, safe environment Fiona has built for her coaching and is also testament to Fiona herself. During the session I was asked questions which allowed me to explain my problems in my own words, at my own pace, and how they affected me. The following sessions saw me delving into parts of me I never thought to visit again, or confront. They were deep, emotional and ultimately cathartic. In addition, she gave me various practical techniques I could use in the future which would also help me overcome my problems.
I cannot thank Fiona enough for this insight into me, and how NLP can help me in the future both professionally and in my home life. I highly recommend Fiona and her excellent NLP coaching.“

Fiona Powley is amazing! I cannot put into words how she has changed my life.
When I started work with Fiona a few months ago, I had such little self-confidence and felt the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  Through Fiona’s experience and patience, she has helped me to overcome so many problems and I feel like a new person. 
My partner and my colleagues have noticed such a difference in me and that is all down to Fiona’s guidance and help.
I cannot rate her highly enough!