I will work with you to create the CHANGE you want.  This isn’t about talking about what has and is going on and analysing it to death.  Your past patterns and their causes are important, but just knowing them rarely creates change in itself.

I will help you to identify the patterns which make you who you are.  To cherish, be thankful and value how wonderfully unique, deserving and lovable you are.  Where patterns are less helpful; guide you through the creation of your own new patterns to support the life you want.

Sometimes it might just be about working out what you do want!

My approach is a combination of:

•Coaching with support and challenge – you know those conversations when someone asks you a question which stops you in your tracks and forces you to think differently?  Supportive conversations focussed on your agenda.

•Neuro Linguistic Programming – a methodology and set of tools which enable you to re-programme your brain with new patterns (see ‘What is NLP’) which serve you better.

•Law of Attraction – where our thoughts are focussed, is what we get in life.  If your thoughts are consumed with feeling anxious, guess what?  You feel more anxious.  Working with the Law of Attraction means focussing thoughts on what we want to bring into our life so it becomes our reality.  Like attracts like.  Powerful stuff!

I work fast.  We will get straight to the point and focus on action and outcomes.  You want to have different outcomes in the world, right?  You’re investing in yourself – not everyone is motivated to do that – seeing the payback is important.

My aim is always for you to achieve what you set out to and ultimately be able to go forward on your own with new skills.