Shift your thinking

How your brain actually works

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were handed a manual for your brain on day one?

Instead, most of us try to figure it out as we go along.  The trouble is we already have thoughts, beliefs and patterns that unconsciously drive how we behave, think and act.  Your brain has already been programmed.  The good news is we can re-programme it!


Neuroscientists are proving that our brains are flexible.  Studies show how different learning and experiences shape the structure and chemical signals in your brain.  It used to be thought that once you passed your teens, your character and thinking were fixed.  We now know this isn’t true.  You can change your thinking.  You can leave old patterns behind.  You can believe in yourself and be confident, even if your experience so far hasn’t felt that way.

Below the surface

Coaching works with the thinking you are aware of and the unconscious thinking below that.

The techniques I use allow you to understand and change your unconscious beliefs, thinking and patterns.

All the thinking that you’re aware of on a day to day basis only accounts for around 5% of your brains’ total capacity.  The rest of your brain is keeping you alive, managing bodily functions and most importantly running much of your thinking and actions on automatic pilot. It’s an essential part of how we’ve evolved to free up our conscious thinking.

When your brain works against you

The trouble is sometimes what you think you want, and what your automatic brain is programmed to do, do not agree.  Your conscious brain may be caught up in overthinking and doubt.  Your unconscious brain is on an auto-pilot mission to follow old patterns which don’t support what you want anymore.  These could include

  • Keeping you safe by procrastinating, fearing success or failure
  • Avoiding situations, people and action
  • Reacting the way you always have (because it used to get you what you wanted)
  • Repeating bad habits that you’d much rather be without.

Your brain runs on what you 'believe'

We run our world according to ‘beliefs’.  Simply what you believe and accept to be true.  The problem is a lot of the unhelpful things we think and do are driven by beliefs which are neither true or positive.

When you work with me, we systematically shift any beliefs which are not aligned to what you now want.  You get to choose what to keep, what to get rid of and design new beliefs that give you what you DO want.

When you do that…. your whole brain can work as one.  You become congruent.  Acting in alignment.  The overthinking and battling with yourself simply collapses.

Your unconscious brain loves visualisation

What I do works because the change happens at an unconscious level.  Instead of trying to override your unconscious thinking with your conscious mind, we go straight to the unconscious.  But how?

We use the power of visualisation.  

Your brain can’t tell the difference between something vividly imagined and real life.  Think about it…  Your brain lives in a  dark cavity inside your skull.  It can only go on the evidence it’s been given.  We learn from experience, observation, action and language.

We can give your brain new evidence with visualisation.  Sometimes travelling backwards to past events to get a different light on them.  Sometimes into the future.  This is not just highly effective, but can also be cathartic, fun and creative.

Start changing your thinking NOW

The best thing about working with me is how quickly that change can happen.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start now.  You can start to shift your beliefs so they support rather than sabotage you.  One way you can do that is to create affirmations.  Think I’m crazy?  You’re repeating affirmations to yourself all the time already.  Thing like ‘I can’t do it’, ‘they’re judging me’ and ‘what’s the point, I’m going to fail anyway’.  So why not feed your brain with some positive thoughts?

When you drown out the negative affirmations with positive ones, it literally starts to change your mind, drop by drop.  That plastic brain of yours starts to change over time.

Try it!  Download my Guide to using Affirmations that really work here: