Career Change Coaching

I can help you transform your career.

Results you will get from working with me:


Feeling like a fraud (imposter syndrome) Knowing your value and feeling the inner confidence that comes with it.
Procrastination and avoidance Feeling motivated and committed to the tasks that bring you what you want – even the boring and mundane ones.
Feeling like people don’t like, respect or support you Feeling secure in yourself. Knowing the difference between feedback which can help you, and criticism which isn’t for you. Becoming more curious about why someone might say something than whether it is true about you.
Unhappy but not sure where to go next Clear on what conditions make you happy in your work and how you will make this your reality.
Knowing what you want but not seeming to be able to get it Clear on who you need to become to have what you want, operating at that level and easily attracting what you now deserve.
Stuck in perfectionism Able to get things done and be proud of what you create, knowing that it is good enough.
Difficulty making decisions Confidence and clarity in your values and credibility so decisions become easy.
Fear of stepping up Exposing the fears you once had and taking on new beliefs that make it exciting.
Feeling like success isn’t for you Believing in yourself, knowing what success you want to attract and what actually is not your goal.
Nervous of difficult personalities A deeper understanding or yourself and others, and how to communicate from a position of value and win win.
Stuck with goals Confident in your direction, easily motivated on goals that are yours and recognising some goals are not yours.
Dreading asking for feedback Easily asking for feedback and taking it for what it is…. Data… Which is part about us but part about the other person, having the wisdom to know which is true.
Uncomfortable giving feedback Confidently able to articulate another’s impact on you, the team of the customer without guilt or fear.
Dreading delegating Valuing your own time, and that of your colleagues so everyone get opportunities to work across their skills an potential.
Getting the promotion or pay rise Belief in your skills, value and worth; knowing that your calling is to do the highest work you believe in. You deserve it!

Having a career can be hard, right?

On the one hand you feel quite proud of where you’ve got to. You’re in a good job, which you work hard at. You’ve done all the right things to get ahead.  Taken on extra projects.  Got involved in new things.  Invested in your skills and knowledge.

But….. There’s something not quite right.

You know you ‘should’ be happy but deep down you’re not.  There’s a voice inside of you that keeps nagging despite your best attempts to push it away.  The critical voice.  You’re worried that what you do isn’t good enough.  That other people can see it.  The voice that tells you not to speak up or take the lead.  The voice that strongly suspects people around you don’t like or respect you.  The voice of sabotage.  The voice that fears you have no real control over what happens.   

You control as much as you can, but it all feels a bit pointless.  You bounce between trying really hard and then feeling totally unmotivated.  Procrastination sets in.  Its only a matter of time before you’re found out and people realise you’re a fraud.  You don’t deserve the success that part of you yearns for.

You KNOW you could do more.  You could do the next role up.  You could be more respected for what you know and do well.  But something stops you.  If you could just be a bit more confident.  Like the people around you who seem to do this way more easily, getting ahead and getting the opportunities you know could have been yours.

Are you getting where you want to?

Not having the happiness and fulfilment you want in your career can feel anything from utterly boring to terrifying!

What your employer thinks the problem is and how they try to solve it:

Your employer may offer a whole host of things to help you.  But are they really what you need?

  • A line manager who tells you what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do right. They may reassure and bolster you when you doubt yourself.   But do you believe them?
  • A development framework, appraisals, goals and self development plans; empowering you to ‘own your own development’. But after you’ve set goals, do you ever look at them again? Do they excite you are they just a summary of your job description?  The learning on your development plan… But does it happen, and if it does, does it actually help?
  • A host of learning tools, most likely online. CBT’s on everything from data protection to customer service, technical skills, how to manage projects and how to lead. But how many courses have you done which actually shifted who you are and how you operate? Do you just collect lots of new information on better ways of doing thing, but a few weeks later find yourself back in your old patterns of thinking and doing?
  • A wellbeing offering including an employee assistance programme with access to a one off limited block of counselling or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) sessions.  But where are you left at the end of that?  Potentially more aware and possible with some coping mechanisms.  But has how you feel inside really changed?  
  • Coaching: but only for senior/executive positions.

The real problem, that your employer is probably missing...

You can learn all the skills in the world, read all the books and do all the courses, but if you’re merely taking on information and gaining knowledge you are not LEARNING.  You’re certainly not DEVELOPING.  And that’s a problem if you genuinely want more in your career.

Learning and Development happens when we shift:

how you see your identity

You have to believe that you ARE the person who has the skills, ability and most importantly is deserving of what you want.

what you believe you are capable of

You have to believe in your capabilities, resources and experience.  Really in touch with how much you have to bring.

beliefs of what's possible

Anything we can conceive is possible.  Seeing beyond the blocks and assumptions we make to see opportunities.               

Beliefs about the environment

Beyond the culture-scape we think exists.  Seeing the environment as flexible and within our gift to influence.                         

Let me share an example…. You can learn all the presenting skills in the world, know how to stand, articulate and communicate an idea. But if you deep down KNOW you’re ‘not good at presenting to audiences’, if you believe that you’re going to come across as unclear, that people will be bored and that no-one wants to hear your message; no amount of knowledge is going to help!

Shift your beliefs
The rules you operate by in life
Shift your identity
How you see yourself. What you believe is possible for you.
Your career SHIFTS
Amazing things aligned to exactly what you want more of in life start to happen. EASILY

I help you achieve your goals by shifting what you BELIEVE!

I work with you to identify the underlying beliefs that are generating your results, or rather lack of results.  A belief is something we believe in and not a fact.  I guide you through shifting your core beliefs from untrue and limiting to helpfully true and liberating.  You can become the person who knows they can get what they want with commitment and confidence.

Access the upward spiral of results, recognition, opportunity and fulfilment.

Just imagine what you could do with someone who is there wholly in support of you? No company or personal agenda. Doing the work of your dreams and enjoying all the benefits that come from that.

When is a good time to get help?

Ask yourself:

Where will you be this time next year if things carry on as they are?


When you want to make a jump forward but lack the confidence. You really want to go for a new job or promotion, but feel confused about what’s stopping you. As soon as you think about it, a little voice inside beats you straight back down and tells you not to be so stupid, you’re not good enough, don’t have the experience or just can’t reach that kind of success.


When you’ve taken a step forward and now find yourself out of your depth, feeling like the imposter.  You feel all the pressure to perform but feel small, powerless and terrified you can’t live up to it.  The stress is suffocating and the more suffocated you feel the worse you perform.  Its only a matter of time before you make a mess of something and everyone sees what a failure you are.

Whichever is true for you, we start with identity and beliefs. 

Change only happens when your identity aligns with the role you want AND you believe you can get there.  It becomes not just possible but easy.  

What would it be like if you didn’t have to convince yourself you can do it?

What would it be like to genuinely believe in yourself?  To be in your dream role, feeling totally capable, empowered and loving it.

It's time to STOP wasting energy giving yourself a hard time. Shift to the YOU who not only deserves success in your career, but is going to own it and rock at it!