Personal Change Coaching

Personal Change Coaching

Coaching can literally change your life.

I'm here to help you.

Had enough of feeling low, worrying what others think, worrying about the future and lacking direction? I can help you change, easily and quickly.

relaxed and confident

What would you change given the support and know how?

Over thinking

Feeling calm, capable and in control

Worrying what people think

Knowing that you’re more than OK

Anger and frustration

Feeling calm and responding appropriately

Low confidence

Confident in who you are

Not feeling good enough

Feeling more than good enough!

Feeling stuck

Vision, motivation and energy

Feeling low / depressed

Happy now

Getting over an ex or loss

Moved on, the past firmly behind you

Past trauma

No longer haunted

Self sabotage

Self supporting and trusting

Bad habits

Easily developing positive habits

Fear of failing

Fearless confidence

Better relationships

Easy relationships Immune to difficult people

Perfectionism / Procrastination

Getting stuff done  Action!

Difficult decisions

Easy decisions, clear what’s right for you


I know you're ready to make a Otherwise you wouldn't be here!

What would you change with help?

What do you want more of?

What do you want less of?

Whatever you want to change, its possible.

The 3 things you need for change to happen

  1. PAIN – you have a problem or situation which you are no longer happy to accept
  2. GAIN – you want it to be better, even if you’re not sure exactly how
  3. WILL – you’re willing to do the work and look within, accepting that for your life to change YOU may need to change.

The 2 axis that make for a happy life

The secret to a happy life

  • Happiness in the now
  • Vision for the future

I explain why both are important, what happens if you have an absence of one or the other, and how coaching addresses both!

All that overthinking, worry, trying hard... happens in your conscious mind. Which only accounts for 4-8% of your brains total capacity!

What's the other 92% up to? Running on automatic pilot. Dragging you back to bad habits.
Dragging you back to what you always do. Triggering the same emotions you always feel.

Its the 92% of unconscious thoughts, patterns and emotions which is in control.

What if you could get your unconscious mind on side? 

Working with you.

Fully supporting you.

Your past patterns and experiences are important, but they don’t need to define you.  But just knowing them rarely creates change on its own.   In fact being really aware of your past and how you respond in certain situations can reinforce your patterns, which is bad news if they’re not serving you well in life!

You may have tried self help books, mindfulness tools, even CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or counselling. Did they help?   Maybe in the short term. Chances are you still feel stuck. Its also exhausting to keep managing your thoughts, responses and emotions all the time. Think of all that wasted energy!

When your life feels stuck on the outside, its often because there’s something stuck on the inside…. In what you believe and your automatic patterns.

Real change happens when you let go of those thoughts and patterns which have held you back and commit to new ones which literally open up your world! When your everyday thinking is put to one side, we can get down into what’s really going on. You have plenty of insight and creative ability just below the surface which I help you tap into. Creating different patterns, beliefs and identity shifts which make living the life you want becomes EASY!

Sound too good to be true? Think of a good habit that you do automatically. Say cleaning your teeth. You don’t have to use willpower and question your thinking and feelings every time you do it. It comes naturally as you value your teeth, believe its important to have nice smelling breath and see yourself as someone with good hygiene. All change can become like this when our values, beliefs and identity align.

Shift your beliefs
The rules you operate by in life
Shift your identity
How you see yourself. What you believe is possible for you.
Amazing things aligned to exactly what you want more of in life start to happen. EASILY
face to face

Shift your beliefs

Shift your identity

virtual coaching

Shift your life

You set the agenda.  What’s important to you? 

Together we will identify your patterns, celebrate those that serve you well and re-write any that don’t. You get to create new empowering beliefs and patterns, and when that happens your sense of who you are shifts. How would you like to feel deserving and confident living the life you want?

If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry, we can work that out too!

What to expect?
A combination of

Clear direction

You set the direction. I help you get clear about it by asking questions to be super clear about what you want and don't want in your life.

Deep Questions

Designed to be thought provoking and allow you to access thinking and feelings below your conscious awareness.


Your unconscious mind can't tell the difference between vividly imagined scenario's and real life. Its a great way to unravel and install new patterns.

Spatial exercises

Sometimes its good to get up and move around. Your brain can relate to space and different positions can create really different thinking.

Quick progress

You will see and feel results form every session. Typically major change can be achieved over 6 sessions.

Energy and fun

Not everything we work on will be a fun subject.... Sometimes a dose of humour or a different energy is exactly what we need to see and feel differently.

You're investing in yourself. Seeing the payback is important.

You will discover

How to focus for what you want more of

Where focus goes, results flow: learn how to focus your thoughts on what you want to bring into your life, so you are easily and irresistibly drawn towards it.

how Resisting something makes it happen more!

What we resist, persists: when you’re consumed with bad stuff you attract more bad stuff.  Learn how to break that cycle to get what you want instead. 

how your unconscious holds the key

You cannot create change at the same level of consciousness that the problem was created: learn how to access your unconscious wisdom and creativity.