Lose Weight

Do Diet Differently
Lose Weight

Do Diet Differently is a radically different way of thinking and acting around diet. No more restriction. No more willpower. No more failure. Hack your mindset to escape the cycle of overeating and easily balance to the body you’ve always wanted.

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Love food

14 Day Facebook Live course

This is where the journey starts.  14 days to completely transform the way you think about food, diet and your weight, forever.  We all know that diets either don’t work or work for a limited time.  I teach you how to escape that trap, get really aware with everything that has created the habits and weight you have today, then collapse those so you can really enjoy food, love your body and naturally balance to the weight you want.

Healthy choices

On-going Membership Support

Every time I run the Live course, my delegates ask ‘How can I keep getting your motivation and support’.  Whilst the Live course includes all the key ingredients to completely turn around your thinking and habits around food, the actual journey to you ideal weight will often be longer than 14 days.  That’s why I now offer ongoing group coaching and resources as part of a membership package.  Be part of this growing community putting an end to the diet trap.

How would you like to

End yo-Yo dieting

You start a new diet every Monday and by Thursday its all going wrong. Or you've successfully lost weight only to put it back on.

Reach and maintain your ideal weight

Relax around food. Find a new way of thinking and feeling about food which changes the way you eat and control your weight forever.

Love your body

When you love yourself you look after yourself. Eating well, eating good food, really enjoying your food becomes natural.

“We don’t struggle to lose weight because we don’t know enough about nutrition. We struggle when willpower fails, sabotage takes over or its just too hard to deprive ourselves.”
Fiona Powley

You don’t need me to tell you

Do Diet Differently

That carrot sticks are a better choice than carrot cake!

Doe Diet Differently

Its not lack of nutritional knowledge that’s stopping you.

What it is

  • For you if you’ve had enough of diets, prescriptive plans, judgement and failure.
  • An exploration of the real reasons why losing weight and what we’re taught about how to do it, don’t work.
  • An understanding of how our mind and body collude to give us results (whether they’re what we want or not).
  • A step by step of how to get our mind working for us to make getting to and balancing at the weight/size we want, easy.
  • A supportive environment to try something new and celebrate our results.

What it's not

  • A diet!
  • A nutrition based guide to weight loss.
  • A mandatory group weigh in.
  • Being talked at and told what to do and what to eat.
  • A place for people who are NOT committed to making big change and NOT trying something different.

What you get in the 14 day course

14 daily online sessions

You will be guided through why diets don't work, how we're fighting ourselves and what works instead. Packed with radically different thinking to the standard diet, with practical supportive exercises to change your thinking and eating habits forever.

Workbook companion

Your companion through the 14 sessions. Some of the workbook exercise will be guided during the sessions, some in your own time. Its not enough to just listen to the concepts, you must apply them to shift your thinking. The workbooks exercises enable that.

4 Audio visualisation

Your mind can't tell the difference between real life and something vividly imagined; which means we can use visualisation to change your mind. The guided visualisations included in the core sessions are backed up with a suite to use at home.

Community support

As with anything in life, the more you feel the support of people around you, ask for and return support and feel part of a community, the stronger your results. You've tried to do this on your own. Its tough! Join the Facebook and you have lifelong support.

What we cover:

Week 1

Why diets don’t work

How your mind really works

The see-saw model

Reality & target

The NEW way to eat

Body and mind are one

Clarity on your goal

Week 2

Collapse emotional eating

Hacking self sabotage

Banking progress

Trigger foods

Compulsion blowout

Working with other ‘diets’

Habit hacking

What clients say?

Thank you so much Fiona for running this session.  I really enjoyed it and was sad that today was the last one. After 20 years, I have not counted a calorie all week.  I actually feel better for it. And sticking at my target.
Definitely found it helped me eat more consciously. The visualisations in the sessions were really helpful as you got to do it there and then so stuck in your head.
Thanks Fiona, this will be really helpful! I’ve already noticed myself making different choices.
Found the information really interesting and did put a different angle on things. Some of the bits have really stuck with me.

Origins of Do Diet Differently

Slim Fiona

I’d always struggled with my weight.  I’d tried just about every diet going, then tried to exercise my way out of it.  It sort of worked.  It always felt like a struggle.  Like I was permanently watching what I ate.  Battling with myself every time there were cakes in the office or an all you can eat buffet.  When I lost control I would eat almost to self-destruction.  The feeling of self hate and failure would quickly follow.

Sound familiar?

As I started to train as a coach and learn how our minds work, I started to see how what I was learning could be applied to weight loss and healthy self image.  It is your unconscious mind which controls your weight.  Its your unconscious mind that wants to keep you at the weight you are at or heavier for survival.  When we diet we try and override our natural survival instincts with willpower, and its doomed to fail form the start.

I started to experiment with myself first.  Then with some of my coaching clients to

  • Program the unconscious mind to know that the weight we are today is not the weight we want to be, and then harness its natural ability to keep or take us to that weight.  
  • Changing self perception to self loving and self nurturing, naturally wanting to give our body exactly what it needs.
  • Releasing the old beliefs and habits which made the old way of eating and living all too easy
  • ‘Banking’ weight loss, avoiding regain 


It was working!  I was getting results.  So were my clients.

Do Diet Differently was born.

I’ve pulled together all that works into one simple package to change the way you think and feel about food, diet and weight forever.  Habits start to change easily and with it you being to reach and maintain the body you always deserved.

Its worked for me.  Its worked for clients.  It can work for YOU.