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I pick topics which I hope will be relevant to you inspired by client stories, observations out there in the world and my own experiences of growth and change. Have a browse!

The Vulnerability Onion

The Vulnerability Onion! I love a metaphor, particularly a simple one. Yesterday a client shared with me how she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing and talking

My Story, How I became a Coach

My early childhood was safe but lacking love and affection.  The focus was on being independent, doing things properly and doing well at school.  The

If it was that easy!

I see these lists all over the place. They both cheer and frustrate me. You see they are right. If you follow these ‘rules’ you

When Self-Help doesn’t help!

Who out there is a personal development book junkie?  I confess I own just a few.  Some I’ve read and got a lot of benefit

6 steps to ‘find’ love

It was Valentines day this week… and love was in the air.  Or maybe not?  I’m not just thinking of you if you’re single; there

3 types of FEAR

Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like everyone is running on fear?  Fear for world safety, fearing what could happen to people

New Year resolutions

So who’s setting New Years Resolutions? New ones? Or the same ones you set last year but didn’t quite manage to stick to.  Berating yourself

3 reasons why changes don’t stick

If you’re trying to make a change and it isn’t working, its all too easy to blame lack of willpower, berate yourself as a failure

2018 Review

2018 is rapidly coming to a close.  How was it for you? I’ll tell you how my year was…. Mixed.  There were some significant jumps