Affirmations… Really?


How would you react if someone said: ‘you can eliminate doubt and fear with affirmations’?

• What… affirmations?
• Reading out some hackneyed sentence over and over until you actually start to believe it?
• Well how on earth would that work?
• I’m too busy for all that. There’s enough to juggle as it is.
• I don’t need affirmations. I just get on and try to get everything done.
• My mind doesn’t need changing! I just need to work harder and get a strategy.
And you know why I know you’re thinking that? Because I used to think the same.

Why consider affirmations then?
Well because you want something to change. Not something… you want your thinking to change. You’re fed up and quite frankly bored of the thoughts that go round in your head. Or you might feel that bubbling sense of frustration that you seem to be on a mission to do the opposite of what you want or need. Sabotaging opportunities. Procrastinating. Fear of jumping. Or fear that having made the jump you don’t deserve to be here; you’re going to get found out.

Affirmations dissolve self doubts
All those doubts that go round and around. All that over-thinking and regretting whether you said or did the right thing. Analysing and getting caught up in what other people are thinking about you. Looking forward and seeing everything that will go wrong. The pressure of needing to control everything. The constant battle to work harder to prove yourself.
But do you? And if you do, does it help?

So what is an affirmation?
I looked up affirmation in the dictionary:
1. the action or process of affirming something.
“he nodded in affirmation” ·
2. emotional support or encouragement.
“the lack of one or both parents’ affirmation leaves some children emotionally crippled”

Which suggests that affirming something makes it firmer. OK. And a lack of affirmation leaves you crippled? What cripples us more are the unconscious affirmations we are already telling ourselves.

You are already using affirmations, just not good ones
The truth is, you’re using affirmations all the time already. If your internal negative chatter is taking up headspace, you’re already bombarding yourself with affirmations. You may be affirming that you’re not good enough; that people can see that you’re a fraud; that you can’t do it.
These are affirmations. They’re based in fear.
Fears lie! They are rarely true!

If you’re already using affirmations, may as well use positive ones
When you create positive affirmations – in the present tense, starting ‘I am’, which are liberating and helpful – and repeat them, you prune out the negative affirmations. It’s about air time. Getting the positive affirmations to take up more space and have more attention than the negative ones.
Before long the positive ones start to sound and feel better. They become addictive. We want to hang out in them more than those old doubts. We start to access the upward spiral of feeling empowered and resourceful.

Your brain starts to run on positive fuel
What you use affirmations, you create space and opportunity to think differently. You are literally making changes in the chemical and physical structure of your brain. You create and strengthen neural connections which affirm your worth and the possibilities in front of you. You prune out the neural pathways for old thinking loops that kept you stuck in overthinking and doubt.

Why do I believe in affirmations?
Because they work! A few years back I found myself suffering with massive imposter syndrome. It was affirmations that turned me around. At the start I was doubtful, but very quickly started to notice my confidence grow and my fear subside.
My mission is to help as many people as possible eliminate self doubt and that underlying feeling of ‘not good enough’ so they can confidently be themselves. I often build affirmations into my work with clients. It’s a great way to start the shift, uncover deeper concerns and pave the way for the lasting changes that I help them achieve.

Your turn to give it a try
If you’re ready to ditch negative and untrue affirmations so you can adopt new positive affirmations which are liberating and empowering; my Guide to Affirmations is for you. In it I guide you through how to create your own affirmations that achieve the exact result you want. You are unique, and so are the words that will empower you. Download it here:

You are good enough and your mind wants you to believe it.


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