3 types of FEAR

Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like everyone is running on fear?  Fear for world safety, fearing what could happen to people we love, fear of never having what we so desperately want, fear that I’m just not good enough…..

Fear comes in different packages:

1.Aversion: A fear of cobwebs (and the spiders that might lurk in them) stopped me venturing into the garden shed for years.

2.Scarcity: What if the house, job, income or partner I want isn’t out there; there just isn’t enough to go round.

3.Worthiness: I don’t deserve or have the skills and experience to go for this new job or challenge.  It’s something other people get but not me.

All of them can play a part in keeping the life we want just out of reach; whilst making us feel pretty miserable and stuck about it.  Plus the more we live in fear and project it, the further we distance ourselves from what we want instead.  The fear wins.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy based on a story we tell ourselves.

I work with my clients to change those stories.  To disempower fear and enable real change.  Just facing into our fears often has the opposite effect to the one we want, reinforcing that our story is true.  To make real change I understand what is holding the fear story together.  How did you learn that spiders are dangerous?  What beliefs do you hold which mean there’s not enough for you?  How have you valued yourself or not?  We start there….

Fear can cripple you.

Or, you can expand, create options, take action and enjoy abundance.  Doesn’t that sound good? 


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