“I started going to Fiona for coaching because I seemed to have trouble with competency based questions in my interviews. I ended up with so much more valuable advice not only for work but also for my personal life.
I hadn’t had much success in previous interviews so my confidence was at an all time low.
Fiona taught me how to effectively deal with stressors in my life and sent me home with tasks that have not only helped me with my confidence but have also made me realise that I am worthy of achieving success. I now also surround myself with people who believe in me.
I still implement the techniques and tasks today which enabled me to get a job far better than I thought I could get which I thoroughly enjoy!
She has such a warm and logical approach to coaching, it was challenging but extremely insightful and I genuinely have Fiona to thank for my success. 
Remember you are deserving!“

“I decided to try NLP after realising that I wasn’t coping with stress, anxiety, and depression. At the same time, I was also receiving a course of CBT. The CBT was such a disappointment, the approach seemed to be trying to get me to fit the CBT ‘mould’, and given my issues at the time I felt very ‘boxed in’ which was not helping me in the slightest. A dear friend recommended NLP and with trepidation I met with Fiona.
My first session started without me realising it had, such was the friendly, safe environment Fiona has built for her coaching and is also testament to Fiona herself. During the session I was asked questions which allowed me to explain my problems in my own words, at my own pace, and how they affected me. The following sessions saw me delving into parts of me I never thought to visit again, or confront. They were deep, emotional and ultimately cathartic. In addition, she gave me various practical techniques I could use in the future which would also help me overcome my problems.
I cannot thank Fiona enough for this insight into me, and how NLP can help me in the future both professionally and in my home life. I highly recommend Fiona and her excellent NLP coaching.“

Fiona Powley is amazing! I cannot put into words how she has changed my life.
When I started work with Fiona a few months ago, I had such little self-confidence and felt the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  Through Fiona’s experience and patience, she has helped me to overcome so many problems and I feel like a new person. 
My partner and my colleagues have noticed such a difference in me and that is all down to Fiona’s guidance and help.
I cannot rate her highly enough!